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ColorKraft Auto Refinishers

The Best Auto Body Repair, Collision Repair, Auto Painting, and Auto Detailing Services in Columbia, TN.

4.9 Stars, 60+ Reviews

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Auto Body Repair

Experience an accident, fender-bender, or just have dents you need repaired? We are committed to properly repairing your vehicle’s body panels to bring them back to perfect condition!

Auto Painting

Our close attention to detail and desire for a perfect finish make us one of the best auto painters in Tennessee. Whether you need simple rock chips repaired or a complete refinish, allow our experienced team of painters to provide you with a better than new finish!

Collision Repair

When accidents happen, don’t let your insurance tell you who you need to bring your vehicle to. Allow us to handle the insurance for you and refinish your vehicle to be better than new!

Auto Detailing

Auto Detailing

We offer a full menu of auto detailing services including paint corrections, ceramic coatings, interior detailing, engine bay detailing, and more! View our detailed pricing menu here.


ColorKraft Auto Refinishers is industry-certified by multiple European Manufacturers guaranteeing that we will disassemble, refinish, and reassemble your vehicle according to factory specifications.

Some of Our Work

Highly-Rated, Proven Quality

ColorKraft Auto Refinishers is highly-rated for a reason — We are committed to providing the absolute best result in a timely manner, all while keeping our clients updated with every step of the process.

60+ Reviews

Let Us Take Care of the Insurance Company For You

When accidents happen, your insurance company will recommend the shop that is most beneficial to them, not you. More often than not, these shops deliver poor results as they are the cheapest the insurance company can partner with. Let us work with your insurance company on your behalf. This will provide you and your car with the best possible results.

Start a Repair
Step 1

You Start the Claim

If you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of needing to file a claim, the best way to proceed forward is to gather as much information as possible from the accident including photos of the damage and the police report if you have it. If you don’t, fear not, that can be obtained later. If your insurance agency has an app, you can file via the app. If not, call your insurance company and ask to start the claim process. They will inevitably try to steer you to a “preferred” shop. It is legally your right to choose your own shop. We hope you pick us. If you do, we can assist in the claim process and work with you and your insurance company. If you’ve started a claim we’ll need the claim number, the VIN and photos to start the estimate process, which is the first step in the repair process.

Step 2

We Handle the Rest

Once the claim has been filed and estimated created and approved, we begin the repair process. We start with teardown and parts ordering. Occasionally we’ll find further damage during the teardown process. Although we are as thorough as possible when estimating, damage can be hidden only to be found once parts are removed. In this event we’ll submit a supplement to the insurance company with photos and additional parts needed. All of this while keeping you updated on the progress of your repair. Our goal is to provide excellent service while keeping you as stress free as possible. If you need any help during the process, we’ll be glad to assist, just let us know.

We Accept All Major Insurance Policies Including:

21st Century Insurance | Liberty Mutual | Geico | Nationwide | Travelers | USAA | Nationwide | Allstate | Erie Insurance | Ameriprise | Auto-Owners | Allied | Root Insurance | Zebra | 

21st Century Insurance | Liberty Mutual | Geico | Nationwide | Travelers | USAA | Nationwide | Allstate | Erie Insurance | Ameriprise | Auto-Owners | Allied | Root Insurance | Zebra | 

21st Century Insurance | Liberty Mutual | Geico | Nationwide | Travelers | USAA | Nationwide | Allstate | Erie Insurance | Ameriprise | Auto-Owners | Allied | Root Insurance | Zebra | 

Frequently Asked Questions

Crashing your car can be one of the most stressful events, we understand this. During this time there are likely many questions you’ll have. We’re here to answer any questions you may have. Here are some of the most common questions.

423 Westover Dr,
Columbia, TN 38401, USA
Hours: Monday – Friday, 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

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Auto Refinishing Process

I've had an Accident, Now What?

We start with the claim process, whether you or someone else is at fault it’s important to be get an accident report, take photos and remain safe. The repair process starts with a claim and estimate. Remember you can choose which shop repairs your car. Your insurance carrier may recommend a shop. That shop may or may not be an excellent service center, but the insurance company’s goal is to spend the least amount of money as possible. This doesn’t always equate to a satisfactory repair.

I'm Without a Car, What Do I Do?

You may have “rental” coverage on your insurance policy. If you do, we’ll be glad to facilitate a rental on your behalf. We work with all insurance carriers as well as all rental car companies. Give us a call and we will be more than happy to have your rental vehicle ready for you at our shop upon your arrival.

How Long Will I be Without my Car?

Here’s an honest answer for you…we don’t know. Each case is different and although we work diligently to keep our “cycle time” down, there are occasionally unforeseen challenges that occur. Parts availability is an ongoing issue. Waiting on insurance is another. Once we have full approval for repair and parts on hand the repair process is full speed ahead. We keep you updated during the process, even if the answer is we don’t know, we’ll tell you that and work to get answers.

Will I be Able to Tell That my Car was Wrecked?

Short answer “no”. Long answer, we strive for excellence and have years of experience on both the physical body repair and well as preparing, painting, and polishing. From concours level glass like finish to quick insurance jobs, we are top level providers. Our goal on every job is to make your car as good as it was, if not better. Much depends on the budget allowed.

I want ColorKraft to work on my car but I'm in the Nashville area, can you help?

Absolutely, our sister company German Performance Options located at 1227 Lebanon Pike in Nashville 37210, is a drop off and pick up location for us. We’ll be glad to drive and/or transport your car depending on the damage and state of the vehicle.

What is your wait time to start on a car?

We keep our intake schedule one week out. If it’s more convenient for you to get the car to us sooner, we can accommodate you. Again, we want to be THE SHOP for you.