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Wheel Repair Services

Wheel Repair Services

Automotive Wheel Repair

ColorKraft is able to repair and refinish wheels to the same quality and standard of our paintwork. If you need curb rash repaired or are looking for a new finish for your wheels, we can handle it!

Collision Repair Services

Curb Rash Repair

Curb rash occurs when the face of a wheel makes contact with a raised surface or curb. This causes deep scratches and damage, all of which we can remove to restore the wheel to look new again!

Scratch Removal

Scratch Removal

Curb rash isn’t the only damage wheels can sustain as wheels undergo a lot! From rocks to other road objects, your wheel’s finish is always at risk of chips or scratches. We can remove and repair damage, bringing your wheel’s finish back to new!

Wheel Ceramic Coatings

In addition to wheel repair, we also offer ceramic coatings designed specifically for high-temperature areas such as the wheels and brake calipers. These coatings reflect water, dirt, and brake dust while also reducing the risk of light scratches.

Ultimate Protection

Ultimate Protection

Ceramic coatings for wheels have the same properties as those for paintwork — They provide a durable, long-lasting protective barrier that protects the finish of the wheel below it.

Ceramic Coating Protection

Repels Water, Dirt, & Brake Dust

Ceramic coatings are perfect for blocking dirt, water spots, and brake dust build-up. Ceramic coatings for wheels make cleaning much easier and quicker, all while protecting your wheel and brake caliper finishes!

Wheel Repair Services

Frequently Asked Questions

Damaging a wheel can be frustrating and unexpected. We’re here to answer any questions you may have. Here are some of the most common questions.

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Auto Refinishing Process

I've hit a Pothole and Bent a Wheel, Can You Help?

Yes! Most times, we can assess the damage and send the wheel off for structural repairs as needed. We are able to repair the damaged area or refinish the wheel to get it looking new again.

Can you Paint Match Wheels?

Yes, we are able to refinish, paint match, or powder coat wheels. The type of approach we take depends on the type of finish the wheel has and the extent of the damage.

I want ColorKraft to work on my car but I'm in the Nashville area, can you help?

Absolutely, our sister company German Performance Options located at 1227 Lebanon Pike in Nashville 37210, is a drop off and pick up location for us. We’ll be glad to drive and/or transport your car depending on the damage and state of the vehicle.

What is your wait time to start on a car?

We keep our intake schedule one week out. If it’s more convenient for you to get the car to us sooner, we can accommodate you. Again, we want to be THE SHOP for you.